Mobile websites

Be seen on the move with our Mobile Website service

Mobile friendly website Poole Google say that now more people access the internet using mobile devices than do by desktops, meaning people are now using their mobile phones, and tablets to access online content. It is now vitally important that your new website is built to take account of these facts, so at Simply-Digital all our new websites are built to be “mobile responsive” and that the website will actually change its’ layout to take account of the type of device it is being viewed upon.

The speed at which a website loads upon request by any visitor, is now part of the Google ranking algorithm, which means that they now view this as a critical factor in website design. The speed at which your website loads depends upon two factors, first and foremost your website needs to be designed, optimized and coded in a way that allows speedy responses and secondly the server upon which your website is hosted must have plenty of capacity, you can read about website hosting in more detail here.

All our websites are built to be mobile responsive to tablets and smartphones, they will include “click to call” buttons making it easy for your website visitors to make contact with you by telephone. Each website is built with a fully secure contact form, the security aspect will stop hackers from breaching the code on your website and the contact form will allow your customers to make contact via E mail outside your normal working day.

  • Fast Loading on all mobile devices and desktops
  • Security encrypted contact forms
  • Click to call buttons
  • Super fast loading if used with our dedicated private hosting.
  • Images fully optimized for clarity and speed

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