Client Loyalty Programme

We are pleased to announce our Brand New Client Loyalty programme, which benefits all our clients, both new and old with FREE LOYALTY POUNDS to spend on our services.

How it works:

Each January we will add an amount to your account which you can spend on any of our services (except SEO and Hosting), meaning each time you add a new Page to your website, ask us to create a YouTube video, take out Google spot ads or any other service, you will have this amount taken off your Invoice.

January 2018 Launch:

As this is the first year, we are ADDING £100 to each and every account, this may not be the same amount in subsequent years, but we are committed to adding extra value to our services going forward, to reward our loyal Clients.

Customer referral scheme:

The Client Loyalty Programme runs IN ADDITION to our already successful Customer referral scheme, where every person you recommend to us receives an introductory £100 discount as well as you having £100 added to your account.

Terms and conditions:

As with any bonus, there is small print but we have tried to minimise this. You will need to use your loyalty bonus in this calendar year and cannot use it in conjunction with any other offer or discounts we may run from time to time.

Register for our Client Loyalty programme below and tick our Terms and conditions:

Talk to us about your project, we’d love to hear from you!