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How to Get More Customers With "Google My Business"

An account with Google My Business, allows you to appear in search results online when others want to find you. As it is free, it is extremely cost efficient for both large and small businesses.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need an account with Google My Business, then it’s a good idea to think about the pros. For instance, these days most things are online. Generally this is where customers will be looking when looking up your business.

Let them find you

Google My Business will help your business appear when a customer wants to find it on Google Maps. It will also appear on Google Search, and will inform them how to find it and if you’re online or have an actual shop address.

These accounts will also help to develop and enhance your SEO locally. Let’s say a potential customer looks up your name, you will appear on the first page. Your business may be high on the listing anyway, but with Google My Business, you will get great results, with both your business and the advertising analytics.

Inform your customers

Google My Business will ensure your customers aren’t reading potentially wrong information, on sites where you can’t control them. It’s best to have customers reading information that is approved and correct, so they’re not disappointed and choose a contender.

This will be information such as contact details, hours your business is open, and other necessary features. Using Google My Business means you can update it when you need to (such as to update hours, or if you need to close temporarily). It also means when you update, it will give you priority over other sites with impressive SEO.

Keep their confidence high

An account with Google My Business will help your business stay reliable and your reputation high, as customers are more likely to click on a company with a listing from Google My Business, as they feel more trusting towards them. After all, they are deciding whether or not to buy, and if they have confidence in your company, then they are more likely purchase something.

Something customers rely on, is what a review says. When purchasing, a customer tends to trust a company more if there are decent reviews, as they feel individual experiences portray how a business is doing, and whether they are trustworthy.

Claim your business in Exeter

Exeter Google Business listing If you already have a Google business account, then you can either:

1. On Google My Business, log in or register. Then look for your business name, and choose it. Then you can do the steps that follow to verify you own it.

2. Go to ‘Maps’ and choose ‘Manage this listing’.

3. Choose ‘Own this business?’ on the listing in Google Search.

Once you’ve confirmed you own the business, you can then change any information that may be wrong. If anyone else has claimed it’s theirs, then you can get them to add you, or if you don’t know them, then you can follow how to take back your business.

Correcting business information

Do you need to change anything on your Google My Business account?

1. First of all, you need to sign in to Google My Business.

2. Then choose what location you want to change.

3. Choose ‘info’ on the left menu.

4. Choose the pencil symbol to edit. If you wish to delete an area, then choose ‘X’. When you have completed editing, you can then choose ‘Apply’. It can take a while to change, possibly up to 60 days. Information sometimes can’t be changed if it’s from another source.

Google maps in Poole

Poole Google Business listing

If you go to Google Maps, then you can just put a pin on the area you wish to use. Select ‘Add a missing place’ on the menu (left), put in your information and then click ‘Claim this business’. You can add them in a large amounts if there are over 10 places.

Updating Google reviews

Turning off Google reviews can’t be done; however, you can check any unsuitable reviews that may appear and report them. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of the reviews you get, if you have a number of places and profiles on Google My Business.

How to give your profile a boost

Make sure the details you give to Google are thorough, as it makes it simple for Google to pair searches with your business, therefore enhancing your search position. This can be done by ensuring you put in contact information, characteristics, what category your business is in, etc. Keywords should be used correctly if you’re able too.

Local position is confirmed by Google, depending on how relevant their search is to your company. It also depends on how far away your area is from the customer, and how familiar they are with your business. Again, using keywords is important, as you need to be as clear as possible.

So, if you have a shop that sells old clothes, then ‘old’ or even ‘vintage’ would be searched as a keyword in your area.

Highlight your business using photographs

Use of imagery will help customers to see what your business offers.

After you’ve started your Google My Business account, you’ll be able to upload a cover picture (similar to Facebook) and a logo. With pictures it’ll be easier for customers to recognise your trademark on the internet. So, you could post relevant photos depending on your company. If you own a restaurant, then you could post food pictures, dining room photos, and your menu.

If you do this make sure the photos are clear and high resolution, as the more professional they look, the better. You’ll find having pictures will draw more interest than a profile that doesn’t. If you get an expert to do it, then that’ll benefit you on the long run cost wise.

Information for customers

On your Google My Business account, information like times, address and contact details should be correct and current. If this ever changes, then you need to change it as soon as possible.

You could also write content for your account, so customers will be aware of new offers, and anything interesting happening that they may be curious about. This will help update your account, keeping it new and interesting, and help to secure any potential sales. If you’re profile is kept updated and current, it will inspire customers to look at what you have to offer.

Creating regular posts Creating new and interesting Posts is another way to interact with your customers and keep your “Google my Business” listing up to date and fresh. You can also use this part of your profile to add new events, offers or offer industry news.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes customers need the reassurance a business is good, by reading reviews from other people. Reading a decent review could be what makes them choose whether or not to be a potential buyer. They also help raise your position on Google.

After a customer is happy with their purchasing experience, then it’s a good time to request a review, something that could be done via e-receipt or a card. You can obtain a marketing kit for free from Google, which has posters you can print, stickers and social posts.

Answering reviews

Answering reviews to boost customer confidence

By answering reviews, you are showing both present and potential customers that you encourage feedback from them. If you interact with them, then you will potentially get reliable, regular customers. On the other hand, it’s also important that you don’t just disregard bad reviews. Listening to your customers, even if it’s criticism, can be a growing experience for your business, especially if you manage to sort out the problem. Offering an apology can be called for to help smooth things over if needs be, and a tactful message to the customer could be a good idea if it’s a delicate matter.

Any questions that may appear should also be responded to. Ideally this should be by yourself first, as other people can also respond. By commenting on questions, it shows customers that you’re considerate and dependable. It also means any questions asked are answered with facts, and not just guessed by another person.

Understanding Google My Business

A bonus of having a Google My Business account, is that you can be quite insightful. You can see how many people phone your business, look through your pictures, search for your name, etc. This helps to determine what is favoured, as pictures and keywords will portray the type of content people like.

These insights are useful with Google Ads as well, as using ‘local extensions’ means area details can be clicked on the ads. Combine this attribute with insights, in order to raise curiosity and keep the price down on the cost when clicking.

In conclusion…

Anyone can use Google My Business, but small businesses using it will find it extremely helpful, especially when they are first starting out, and need the extra support and encouragement. So, use Google My Business, and give your business a boost in the right direction and all free of charge! If you like everything above and would like to do everything above, but simply do not have the time or inclination, we can do it all for you (including monthly posts) for a one off yearly fee of £175 + VAT, contact us on 01202 984002 or online here.

Talk to us about your project, we’d love to hear from you!