Fully managed website Hosting

Your website updates are all free with our Fully Managed Web Hosting Service

Hosting is a place where your new website is held on a server so that it can be found on the internet at any time of the day or night by your customers. Our Website Hosting offers safe, secure hosting giving your website and emails protection from hackers at a fair and reasonable cost. The Simply Digital fully managed Web Hosting Service offers a new level of service only available in the past to larger corporations, it includes your own personal account Manager, holding your website on our secure servers, unlimited changes to your website text, image uploads as you send them, updates to your review pages, special offers as you require them, up to 5 fully managed E mail addresses, Wordpress updates, and a free technical helpline. Many websites now have their own database attached with critical contact details, we continue to keep these databases updated against the ongoing threat of hacking, all you pay in addition, is a one off yearly fee for the renewal of each Domain name we hold.

  • 99.9% Verified uptime
  • Up to 5 business E mail addresses
  • Safe and secure cloud backup
  • Inclusive content changes
  • Free image uploads
  • Free review updates
  • Wordpress plugin updates
E mail services

E mail services

Simply Digital provide up to 5 professional E mail addresses with the Fully managed Web hosting package (Larger options are also available), allowing small businesses to promote themselves without using their own personal E mail address. Our hosted E mail solution manages your email systems for you, delivering your messages to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, regardless of your businesses size, we handle the technology to allow you to keep in constant communication via E mails on the move.

Dedicated servers in Poole

Dedicated private Server option

In addition to our fully manged website hosting we offer an upgraded service on a dedicated private server. You receive all the benefits already listed but rather than sharing the server space with many other websites, you will have the benefit of a dedicated server, hosting a small number of other selected businesses. The benefits of a dedicated server are best realised by larger businesses that may require less downtime, numerous E mail addresses protected by a personal firewall, SSL certificates, super-fast load times and upgraded support terms.

  • Fastest website loading times.
  • Up to 20 E mail addresses
  • Daily website file backup
  • Daily E mail backups
  • Personal E mail Firewall
  • Upgraded support
  • Ideal for SSL certified websites

Please enquire about current availability on a dedicated server and pricing structure.

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